MMC Land Management in the Community

Someone once said that one person can’t make a difference. No one at MMC Land Management believes this to be true. One day when Blaise Wheeler, Mulch and Trucking Production Manager, was picking up his daughter from school, he was talking to a man who worked at the school about his weekend plans. The man told Blaise that he was volunteering with Allegheny Aquatic Alliance to help clean up the Connoquenessing Creek and that Blaise should come out and meet the group. After thinking about it, he agreed because he fished and rafted in that creek. 

After meeting the group, Blaise knew he wanted to help. When he saw how much more work would be needed, he knew MMC could make a big difference. He called the Platt brothers who own MMC, and asked if they could help by lending the group a dump truck, an excavator, and other tools to make the work a bit easier. The owners and employees also joined Blaise’s group to help clean the creek. After the 1st year of clean up, MMC continued to help by building launches along the creek to make it more accessible for kayaking and tubing. Blaise made a difference by bringing in the power of MMC. Photos: 1. Rocco Platt, Michael Platt, and Dominic Platt cleaning the creek. 2. Blaise Wheeler pulling a dumpster out of the creek. 3. Hillside before. 4. Building of a launch. 5. Finished launch. 6. Another finished launch.  #mmclandmanagement#conservation#riverlaunches#creekcleanup#communitylandscaping