10 Outdoor Essentials Everybody Needs

10 Outdoor Essentials Everybody Needs

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have the best-looking property in the neighborhood? This could be your piece of land, but it will take a little bit of upkeep to get there. Luckily, Tom Raimondi gave us a rundown of the top 10 outdoor essentials everybody needs to keep their property looking its best!

Tom has been at MMC Land Management for about 4 years now, and is currently one of two lawn technicians at our Gibsonia branch. When he first joined our team as a mowing crew member, we quickly recognized his potential and passion for the land. His knowledge and expertise have always left our clients more than impressed!

  1. Electric Hedge Trimmers

This is the best way to shape hedges while also maintaining their health. In order to keep your hedge looking its best, try to keep up with regular trims so that sunlight can reach the bottom of the hedge. Do your best to schedule trimming when it isn’t’ hot or dry weather.


  1. String trimmer (Weed eater)

If your lawn is small enough you could do your entire lawn this way rather than using a mower. It is also a nonnegotiable when it comes to keeping beds, walkways, and curbs looking brand new.


  1. Lawn mower

Whether you use an electric, rotary, or push mower, figuring out a mowing schedule for your property is crucial. This is all dependent upon the weather and time of year.  


  1. Rake

The two rakes everyone should own is of course a leaf rake to clean up leaves and other debris in autumn. But you should also own a hard rake to use for other miscellaneous tasks such as gardening or flattening the land.


  1. Wheelbarrow

Many homeowners choose to hand mulch their beds, so a wheelbarrow is the best way to keep mulch handy as your make your way around your property. It is also a big convenience when performing other yard clean ups with sticks or leaves since it allows you to easily transport them.


  1. Spaded shovel

The spaded shovel is best utilized for basic clean up around your property, but it is a universal tool. It can also be used for edging, planting, and root or bush removal just to name a few. Cleaning out fire pits and other messes (basic clean up), could be used for edging, planting, root/bush removal.  


  1. Pressure washer

This is a long-lasting piece of equipment that is very much worth the investment. With a high level of versatility, it can be used all around your property on sidewalks, siding, porches, garage doors, and more!


  1. Blower

Having a blower is bound to make your life easier as it allows you to quickly blow leaves, grass, dirt, debris, and even summer messes from children!


  1. Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a great tool to maintain tree branches around your property. This allows you to keep your trees looking clean and also keeps your land safe by preventing long branches from getting entangled in power lines.   


  1. Multipiece Tool Set

This is a must have since it is perfect for fixing all the equipment we previously mentioned. There are many affordable options out on the market that will suffice! Don’t worry, there is no need to purchase a 200-piece kit, there are much smaller kits that get the job done and serve their purpose.