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Erosion Control

We know that time is an essential element in any excavation or grading project, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces that all erosion and sediment Best Management Practices (BMP) be implemented prior to the start of construction activity. Furthermore, all BMPs are required to be properly maintained until all disturbed areas have been reclaimed and the proper storm water quality is attained.

MMC Land Management’s dedicated erosion control staff ensures that BMPs are properly installed in a timely manner, which allows our clients’ jobs to remain on schedule. To make certain that your projects continue without EPA interference, we can establish a recurring maintenance schedule to ensure that all installed BMPs remain in compliance.

Erosion Control Services:

  • Compost Filter Sock (8″, 12″, 18″, and 32″)
  • Perimeter Controls
  • Inlet Protection
  • Sediment Trap
  • Palletized Compost Filter Sock
  • Silt Fence
  • Silt Fence Alternatives
  • Slope and Bank Stabilization
  • Revegetation
  • Compost Seeding
  • Hydroseeding
  • Straw Blowing
  • SWPPP Inspections
  • Drainage Control